We are waiting for our 1st litter right after eastern 2020! Contact me by mail or Messenger in the first hand.

We are planning a Panic-Attack litter during spring 2020. 

Both parents are spondylosis & DISH free.

She is PLL-carrier, other gentests are clear (check Panics site), HD-excellent (A), ED-0/1 To note, she was in accident in summer 2017, landed on her right front leg, a slight change in elbow because of it. Cerf & Baer are ok.

MH & MT are quite ok, no remaining fears, likes to play, could be more curiose. 

Not compeeted yet with her, she is training against BSL (fieldtrack & IPO obedience). This far BH is done & 4 shows, 2 x exc, 2 x cac.

Attack HD-B, ED-0/0, PLL-normal, PRA-normal, Laboklins test for ACDs-all clear (check Attacks site) Baer & Cerf are ok. Attack got his IGP3 in may 2019, both MH & MT are really nice, he is playful, curiose, no remaining fears, socially sure, no agressivity.

Do not doupt to contact me for more information! Since we both train & be in woods a lot, it might be difficult to contact me by phone, so mail is better to start with.


I'm even looking for a keeper to one of the pups! The keeper has to be interessed in training & compeeting in working dog trials/IGP, bonus is if you live near by.

e-mail: maarit_ottavainen@live.com