Autumn 2020


Panic will be bred with Snjos Blue Largoo

Largoo is outgoing & playfull boy. He compeets in highest class in swedish working dog trials (tracking) and as soon as possible, he will start also swedish protection. 

He is the 1st ACD in Sweden, who did official NHAT (Natural Herding Aptitude Test)! He is  tested on cows too, approved ofcourse. Largoo also trains to special search for red Kong.

Largoo-Panic combination looks good, both mental and healt completes each others.

I'm expecting pups with lots of go, good mentality & work capasity.

Pups will be sold only to persons who are interested in training & compeeting  or practical work like herding.




Do not doupt to contact me for more information! Since we both train & be in woods a lot, it might be difficult to contact me by phone, so mail is better to start with.

NOTE! If you don't get an answer on your mail during 2 days, please, try again from an other mailadress! 


I'm even looking for a keeper to one of the pups! The keeper has to be interessed in training & compeeting in working dog trials/IGP, bonus is if you live near by.